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Big Data

Cloudprisma offers a full spectrum of services to transform your data landscape with the cloud.

Data transformation is the bedrock for your digital transformation journey and the first step towards the full value of Analytics.

Few of the many features include:


Fast and Accurate Reporting


Better business decisions and insights.


Improved quality of Data


.Operational efficiency and customer satisfaction

We provide services that helps
from operational excellence to cost optimization


We offer data ingestion services for data sources from structured to social media.


We can transform your data by consolidating and restructuring to provide analytics.

Visualization and Reporting

We provide data visualization and reporting tools to present the analytics effectively.

Governance and Security

We provide the services that are built with secured layer for better governance.

Data ingestion and infusion
management services for all your data needs

Data Ingestion and Infusion is critical for operationalizing the plethora of data into an Intelligent framework for organizations for predictive and proactive decision making and support systems.

CloudPrisma modern data ingestion techniques and processes are applied to the myriad of data sources:

Structured or Unstructured
Real Time Streaming or Batch Processing
Internal (legacy IT) or External (Social Media, IoT, Mobile, Drones and more)

Data transformation
‍‍is the first step towards data analytics

Data transformation is the bedrock of your digital transformation journey and the first step towards full data analytics.

We consolidate and categorize the data type after cleansing into a common data lake, warehouse or modern storage architecture like object storage.

These transformations also mark as first step for organizations to take advantage of underutilized data at their disposal. For example Enterprise “dark” data and supplier or partner data.

85% of Fortune 500 organizations are unable to exploit big data for competitive advantage. Data transformation is one of the most expensive operation in digital journey. This because of 5Vs of data - Volume, Veracity, Velocity, Variety, Value.

We will manage everything for you.
Scale up or down. Pay for what you use. Add or delete new sources. See your data insights.

After collecting, processing, and modeling the data, we can visualize the relationships and make our conclusion and have standard reporting. Data visualization tools empower the user to choose the best way to present the data and typically offers a dashboard element, enabling users to pull multiple visualizations of analyses into a single interface for maximum impact.

Modern data Visualization tools extend beyond the limitations of the rudimentary charts and graphs created in Microsoft Excel, displaying data in increasingly sophisticated way. They are not limited by size of data either.

We provide you data on demand. You will see improved agility of your workloads, reduced time to get deeper insights, and better integrity and quality of data.

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Artificial Intelligence &
Data Analytics

AI is now penetrating all aspects of an organization be it public or private. Research study found that top performing companies in their industry are much more likely to use analytics rather than intuition across the widest range of possible decisions. AI has been used to develop and advance numerous fields and industries, including finance, healthcare, education, transportation, and more.

CloudPrisma AI Framework
‍‍‍ An approach to the artificial intelligence journey



Make data simple and accessible


Make a business ready analytics foundation


Build and scale AI with trust and transparency


Operationalize AI through the business


Make your data ready for AI and cloud

CloudPrisma infuses intelligence and provides insights
into your business to deliver better outcomes

We help organizations overcome the challenges of kick starting the AI journey, whether it's skills, legacy IT infrastructure, organizational risk and culture or any other challenge. After all, being nimble and agile is the hallmark of most organizations today while they embark on their AI Journey to quickly react to market changes and customer experiences. That is where a partner like CloudPrisma would help in amplifying human-machine collaboration to solve complex business problems with speed and agility.

Solve complex business problems with
CloudPrisma AI services

CloudPrisma experts enable organizations to achieve accelerated productivity and innovation in customer experience. Our deep expertise, industry knowledge, market driven offerings, algorithms with Machine Learning AI models with data analytics enables organization wide transformation.

While AI capabilities rapidly evolve it’s vital to scale from experimentation to implementation. The CloudPrisma AI Framework enables scalability with flexibility to broad base adoption across the organization.


CloudPrisma is geared to help companies deploy cloud as part of their digital transformation journey in order to drive growth and meet business objectives. CloudPrisma experts will design and deploy customized requirements tailored to provide a cost effective and optimum solution.

From Lift & Shift to Hybrid. From Refactor to Replatform. Cloudprisma delivers.

We provide different services for different business needs

Our partnership with the global cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, Google, IBM etc. ensures a vendor agnostic and right choice of compute to meet your current and growing compute requirements. Our designs are meant to mitigate your risks and provide a modern, secure and versatile journey to cloud transformation.

Infrastructure Management

  • Procure speed, and Scalability
  • Unleash unlimited processing power


  • Keep sensitive data private
  • Leverage public cloud seamlessly


  • Rule based deployments
  • Disaster recovery options

Compliance & Security

  • Monitor
  • Apply policies, checks and alerts

CloudPrisma Cloud Infrastructure Management
We can help your business technology grow seamlessly

We provide a team of experts
to help with compliance and security for your business needs

CloudPrisma experts would first understand the business needs and align its design with risk mitigation, compliance and security to meet global standards. Some of the practices we follow:

• Ensure Cloud Provider Security – Security rich environment designed to meet GDPR, compliance & regulated environments for the most sensitive environments.

• SOC 1, 2 or 3 reports for operational controls as per Global Standards (AICPA etc.)

• ISO 27001, HIPPA, PCI compliance requirements on a need basis.

Follow a Data Governance Model to ensure clients meet Data requirements as below:

  • Define – Policy management, rule authoring, term definitions

  • Discover – Meta data auto discovery, manual ingest of data

  • Classify – Automated profiling of data to relate to data policies, assign business terms to technical assets

  • Share – Publish & allow knowledge workers to curate and collaborate with data

  • Enforce – Automated policy enforcement throughout the life cycle

  • Monitor – Understand how data is used & found, take action to reuse of data

Unlock cloud services and optimize your digital transformation and make the most of the cloud to modernize applications and add value to your business.

Application Modernization

Organizations have long depended on legacy applications that are best suited for standalone servers or virtual servers on premises.

The Hyperscale Cloud Service Providers offering flexible and innovative offerings bundled with tools as PaaS and native cloud architecture enabling organizations to scale from a single container to multiple containers or even achieve “serverless computing” as an IaaS the opportunity becomes immense for organizations to focus more on the core business and leave the running of their applications with cloud service providers.

Triggers for application modernization & cloud transformation

We can see positive implications of app modernization with customer experience, operational excellence, risk mitigation, and law enforcement. Few of the key triggers are:

Fueled by building new applications
Modernize existing applications to drive efficiency
Embrace a new business model
Dramatically improve supplier or customer experience

CloudPrisma provides a gateway
to successful application modernization

CloudPrisma also provides assistance to organizations immediate, flexible assistance with transformation legacy software to address competitive challenges. Provides elegant handholding of teams to transition into a Dev Ops environment to ensure so that future day to day challenges can be handled internally.

CloudPrisma Workload assessment allows organizations to stage the migration, streamline portfolio of end to end transformation so that parts can be picked up for better return on investment. The organizations can choose to align the pace of Digital Transformation in line with their internal goals and objectives and be in a better position to align resources with the ever changing and dynamic changes in the competitive landscape.

CloudPrisma Agile DevOps Approach

Adopting agile methodology by breaking down the problem into smaller tasks that brings in innovation and flexibility aligned with the Business or Product objective and assigned ownership. The CloudPrisma experts understand the thin line between Development and Operations with an optimized approach and increase role of automation for day to day tasks.

CloudPrisma offers a consultative approach that allows your organization to develop faster and eliminate manual steps by creating a scalable and secure automated delivery system.

We perform an exhaustive assessment of your product lifecycle. We collaborate with operations and IT to conceptualize a DevOps solution that brings all the responsible personnel together (IT, Operations, and testing).

Under DevOps CloudPrisma -

Deploy code with no human intervention
Minimize human errors
Seamlessly deploy code across environments
Follow the CI (Continuous Integration) & CD (Continuous Deployment) model
Automate and save costs
Create visibility across all environments
Isolate errors and reduce time to deploy
Define site reliability engineer role for Ops and build best practices for smooth operations

We will help you by following best practices while setting up repositories, security policies, build servers, and configurations. We also have certified experts to integrate your DevOps environment within providers like GCP, Azure, and AWS.

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Internet of Things and Edge Computing

Digital Technologies like Analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) in today’s world have moved beyond a being just a proof-of-concept to become an operational necessity. With the Covid 19 pandemic hitting in 2020, the need for organizations to push the boundaries and create new business models is only accelerated the adoption of these technologies.

Organizations feel the need to build more resilient business operations with intelligence and insights powered by technologies like Analytics & IOT data leading to connected & intelligent assets that can -

  • Optimize performance, adapt to changing circumstances and help business continuity.
  • Deliver value by enabling new business models, seamless, customer experiences, responsive value chains, better workplaces and enhanced social responsibility in the areas of climate change & environment.
  • Separate the signal from the noise with more resilient decision-making coming out of sorting through massive amounts of real-time and continuous data to filter out previously untapped value from connected assets.
  • To generate from these Analytic and IOT systems for Executive level quick and automated actions and create purpose driven clear actionable.

Triggers for Internet of things & Edge computing

With the exponential growth of proposed devices to be connected for IOT both on the consumer side (eg. smart home) as well as the enterprise/B2B side from10billion in 2020 is likely to grow to 22 billion by 2025. In theB2B/Enterprise side, more and higher value physical assets such as manufacturing equipment, gas turbines, electric utility transformers, Programmable Logic Controllers etc., will be digitally connected. Organizations that have a challenge keeping pace with this exponential growth will have difficulty responding to real-time changes and disruptions to their operating environment.

Some of the factors contributing to this growth –

  • Better economics - Many of IoT’s ingredients—sensors, bandwidth, processing power, and cloud storage—are dropping in price or delivering more value for money.
  • Edge Computing - Performing data processing and analysis closer to the devices—instead of at a central location—enables faster insights,responses, and decisions.
  • Advances in Analytics - AI lets organizations extract more from the data they capture and do things today that they couldn’t do before. Along with concepts like Digital Twins, Augmented reality extends the capability to emulate the physical world.
  • Improved connectivity – Evolving 5G’s with ultra-low latency that reduces delays in data transmission.

CloudPrisma experts understand the business requirements and the various technology components essential for creating a robust and secured framework to create innovative solutions for organizations across industries. The number of devices, the need to capture valuable data, interfacing the data with gateways to data storage and processing at the edge and finally the advance analytic algorithms required to discover important insights or operational and executive monitoring, control and decision making.

CloudPrisma Framework for IOT and Edge Computing Technology Services

CloudPrisma IOT Services with EdgeComputing Framework different stages are shown in the below diagram with anoverlying security framework cutting across the different stages. The frameworkgives flexibility to adapt to different type of application needs.

  1. Perception Layer - is the physical layer, which has sensors & actuators for sensing and gathering information about the environment. Itsenses some physical parameters or identifies other smart objects in the environment. These sensors could be Medical, Neural, Environmental,Chemical/biosensors, Infrared, RFID, Mobile/SIM based (Magnetometer, Location, Movement, Camera, Microphone, Light, Proximity) to name a few. CloudPrisma works with established OEM’s and Service providers for the specifications of the sensors/actuators and the network layout, based on requirement.
          Preprocessing -
    As smart things collect huge amount of sensordata, compute and storage resources are required to analyze, store, and process this data a large part that would not be required to be sent to the Central Data Center or Cloud. Especially for reasons as below
           Mobility based –
    Moving devices at times have varied signal strength issues
           Actuators – Latency leads to delay in immediate response back
           Scalability – With the number of devices increasing on a network leading to latency issues
           Power constraints – Battery powered IOT devices consume more power while communicating over the network
  2. Processing Layer - It stores, analyzes, and processes huge amounts of data that comes from the transport layer. It can manage and provide a diverse set of services to the lower layers. CloudPrisma prepares the data to be transferred to the IT world. In particular, edge IT systems perform enhanced analytics and pre-processing here using machine learning and visualization technologies. As per requirement, some additional processing may happen here,prior to the stage of entering the data center.CloudPrisma works with various OEM’s and third party providers to build a secured Edge Computing environment such as Multi Cluster Orchestration Platform, Secured Global LAN (SG LAN), leverage Kubernetes/AWS Outpost/Azure On Premises based microservice from cloud to the edge, etc.
  3. Transport & Communication Layer - Transfers the sensor data from the perception layer to the processing layer and vice versa through networks such as wireless, 4G/5G, LAN, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC while the Internet getaways work through Wi-Fi, wired LANs and perform further processing. This is the stage where organizations having legacy sensors can convert analog to digital for better investment protection. CloudPrisma uses its Ingestion algorithms and tools and performs conversion in terms of timing and structure, to process the enormous amount of information collected and squeezes it to the optimal size for further analysis.  The key benefit that CloudPrisma brings at this stage is Quality of Data with cleansing techniques and algorithms filtering unwanted data and also creating opportunities for use of “untapped”data.
  4. Middleware Layer –In the CloudPrisma framework, the middleware abstracts the hardware and provides an Application Programming Interface (API) for communication, data management,computation, security, and privacy. Interoperability of such heterogeneous devices needs well-defined standards. But standardization is difficult because of the varied requirements of different applications and devices. For such heterogeneous applications, CloudPrisma solution is to have a middleware platform, which will abstract the details of the things for applications. It needs to provide the required services to the application developers so that they can focus more on the requirements of applications rather than on interacting with the baseline hardware. Some of the commonmiddleware tool types are either – Service oriented, Event based, SemanticBased, Database oriented or Application specific API’s. CloudPrisma uses some of these tools as middleware –
  5. Application Layer – Some of the common Applications that CloudPrisma can deliver to organizations along with its Advance Analytics and Big Data capabilities
                Energy Conversion
                 Supply Chain & logistics
                 Smart Transporto   Health & Fitness
                 Industrial use for preventive &predictive maintenance of equipment
                 Periphery Physical Security
                 Oil Testing in Oil & Gas Industry leveraging SCADA based IOT
                 Merchandize planning for retail industry
                 & many more

We will help you by following best practices while setting up repositories, security policies, build servers, and configurations. We also have certified experts to integrate your DevOps environment within providers like GCP, Azure, and AWS.

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RPA and Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the latest addition to the topic of automation in recent years. The emergence of AI, Machine learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) have lit the wave for automation. Evolving from the screen scraping software in the 1990s to workflow automation software, big data,Artificial Intelligence, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in 2000, the possibility to further automate the business process widened with the advancements in AI & ML.

RPA is an application of technology,combining the business logic and structured inputs, aimed at automating any business processes. To implement this process, automation businesses require adequate tools.

CloudPrisma strength in RPA craftsmanship and proficiency in RPA technologies help our customer to realize tomorrow's innovations. RPA is one of the leading digital innovations, throughout the world, businesses are swiftly growing to innovation, and they are looking for solutions that can robotize their business operatives to improve efficiency by saving additional costs and time. RPA enables to complete various business processes with lowest latency and unmatched throughput.

Robotic Process Automation integrated with Artificial Intelligence can assist businesses to conquer the problem of quality, security, elasticity. CloudPrisma’s technological bedrock enables us to enhance the worth of robotic automation by constructing smarter bots with higher understanding abilities. Robotize your workflows, data extraction, and operative assignments to gain an upper hand over your competition.

Perquisites for RPA Automation are –

  1. Fully Digital – RPA can handle only digital processes and cannot handle physical objects like paper or objects
  2. Rules Based - Processes should be defined and should not be based on intuitions

Some of the attributes that are a good indicators of a processes to be automated -  

  • Repetitiveness – On demand or in batches
  • Consistency – A low level of differentiation between each case going through the process
  • Volume/Time – Either large volume of cases or time consuming or both
  • Quality – To avoid human error, automation provides more accuracy.
  • Time – Task to be completed in limited time or to be carried out 24x7
  • Compliance – Strict control & logging requiring high level of compliance
  • Tiresome – Worker satisfaction and motivation impacting challenge of manual processing  

CloudPrisma’s knowledge of RPA & AI tools along with the understanding of organizations use case provide the following key advantages to the customer –

  • Faster turn aroundtime to complete daily, weekly, monthly operation process cycle
  • Dedicated Team of RPA Specialists
  • Ability to Manage Enterprise
  • Partnership with Key RPA Vendors
  • Strategic Partnerships with Microsoft and Amazon
  • High Accuracy & Quality
  • Scalability and Flexibility

We will help you by following best practices while setting up repositories, security policies, build servers, and configurations. We also have certified experts to integrate your DevOps environment within providers like GCP, Azure, and AWS.

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